Sandra creates unique and highly original works of art that convey her passion for exploring deeply personal stories and themes through the use of vibrant colours, rich textures, shapes and forms that can be attributed to her Caribbean heritage.

Sandra is also strongly influenced by African art, this influence can clearly be seen in the cultural themes and motifs which are ever present in her compositions.

Sandra's work is best described as mixed media, her work frequently incorporating painted and printed elements along with sculptural textiles and art quilting. However Sandra is also currently working on a range of prints and canvasses based on her work.

Sandra is passionate that art should be accessible and affordable for all and to this end the Sandra Scott Collection will feature unique original pieces, limited edition prints and canvases and a selection of affordable prints available to order directly from this site.

Visit Sandra's blog, where you will be able to keep up with Sandra's work and find details of how to follow Sandra via popular social media platforms.