Photography Services.

At Ashmore Imaging we provide a wide range of photographic services including corporate and private events, portraits, commercial and product photography. 

In this world of instantly accessible mass photography it’s easy to rely on generic stock images or DIY photography but the advent of a digital workflow has significantly reduced the material and time costs of professional photography. So it may not cost as much as you thought to obtain high quality professional results that represent and complement your business.

Many of our clients are small to medium sized businesses requiring photography for display pieces, publicity and marketing purposes, we also provide street and public event photography for editorial use.

Each client is provided with a password protected gallery where it is possible to review, comment, share, download and order prints of their photographs. 

We aim to deliver a friendly and efficient service with a focus on transparency and value for money. There are no hidden fees and no future licencing or royalty costs, any restrictions or conditions of use will be discussed openly and agreed on before any chargeable work is undertaken.

When you first approach Ashmore Imaging we will take the time to establish an understanding of your requirements, budget and timeframe. This consultation can be provided via email or telephone, though a face to face meeting at the location of the shoot is often the most useful and productive approach.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements, no commitment, no hard sell. Whether it’s a half hour job for a press release photo or a week-long project that delivers a catalogue of images for your new website and display pieces for your reception area we can deliver a package tailored to your needs.


Launch events, parties, team-building, training sessions, meetings and presentations. Whether indoors or out, fair weather or foul, We have experience of capturing events from a relaxed, candid perspective. While documenting the principal moments of the event is critical we aim to go unnoticed as far as possible, enabling us to capture the more intimate moments and personal interactions that a formal or staged approach often miss. We believe this approach results in a more relaxed and honest presentation of the event.

People and Events sample galleryClick for People and Events sample gallery
People and Events sample galleryClick for People and Events sample gallery


We're experts at delivering environmental portraits and corporate head-shots as well as private portraits.

We can set up a temporary studio at your premisses with lights, modifiers and plain backgrounds; alternatively we can work on the move with portable and hand held equipment, delivering environmental portraits that show people within the context of their roles.


We deliver high quality images of a wide range of client products ranging through cakes, bikes, tools, sculpture and flat works of art. Call us to discuss how we can provide you with the publicity shots you need to promote your goods and services.

For small object studio shots we are able to collect the items in person if you are in the Cambridge area, or items can be shipped. Alternatively we are happy to work on location, photographing items within the context of production or use, which can offer a more interesting and informative set of images.

At present large items (over 1.5m in any dimension) will need to be photographed on location.

Click for Products and Places sample galleryClick for Products and Places sample gallery
Click for Products and Places sample galleryClick for Products and Places sample gallery


Conference facilities and accommodation are a speciality. We can give you wide angle, natural, perspective corrected images of interior and exterior spaces that show off your premisses, accommodation or grounds in the best possible light.

Editorial and press

When necessary we are able to turn around images for editorial and press in very short order. As a rule shots can be taken, processed then handed over on a USB memory stick or emailed within the hour.

Digitisation and digital restoration.

We have many years experience in the digitisation and digital restoration of works such as manuscripts, books, photographic prints, slides, negatives, glass plates etc. For more details check the Digitisation section.